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With our innovative policy administration software platform, LUNOS, we help leading insurance and pension carriers with an innovative software platform that sets your imagination free. Dream up a new insurance product, and we’ll enable it simply, quickly, and affordably – so you can get to market with new products and services faster than competitors.

A Full Digital Experience
We Enable A Full Digital Experience

We enable digital through a real time, always-on, elastically scalable core.

We Enable Assembly To Imagination
We Enable Assembly To Imagination

From a strong core we are able to offer extensive flexibility enabling you non-stop solution assembly to keep up with your unconstrained imagination.

Real-time business accounting
We Enable Precision Accounting
We provide real-time business accounting allowing you precise control of your business.
We Enable Cost Reduction
We Enable Cost Reduction

Our lean, agile platform supports full customer and product lifecycle support including billing, collection, accounting, commission, loyalty and more across product lines, dramatically improving operational efficiency.



Silvermoon Software Solutions provides innovative software platforms, bespoke solutions, and policy administration software for digital financial services.

Our innovative software platform, LUNOS, enables financial services companies to support any of their Products and Core Business processes and realise their cutting-edge visions with agility and precision.
We are dedicated to providing services essential to your success in using our platform. These services include solution architecture, development, devops, delivery, training and support. With our partners we are also able to extend managed services for cloud-based implementations.
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We support the biggest names in the industry by providing a customised software platform that continuously sets our customers’ imaginations free. Learn more about our customers here.

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